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In this musical cabaret, singer-songwriter Patty Hall mixes the old with the new, the playful with the provocative, the old-time with the original, for a very special program of songs and stories. With an array of material, performed on guitar, banjo, and a capella, Patty shares her love of folklore, her passion for all kinds of music, and an abiding affection for her native state of California.

Her repertoire includes an eclectic mix of regional and topical ballads, funky blues, vintage mountain music, and ethnically-inspired tunes - each a testament to Patty's musically rich childhood, during which the likes of Ravi Shankar, Leadbelly, Jean Ritchie, and Mongo Santamaria were given equal time on the family phonograph.

Patty's songbag also brims over with her distinctive brand of original material—songs that capture the joys of being a kid, poke fun at the ironies of aging, ponder the largeness of love, and pay homage to her western heritage. Her material, much like Patty, ranges from the serious and thought-provoking to the playful and irreverent.

Patty also delights in the musically odd and unusual. So you'll be treated, as well, to some off-beat favorites, gleaned from far-flung summer camps, old grade school songbooks, and an ancient stash of vinyl lp records. While stretching the definition of "folk," these musical gems are dear to Patty's heart and have also been known to inspire more than a few listeners to jump up and sing along.

Join Patty Hall for this memorable musical showcase, as she celebrates her West Coast roots and pays tribute to the family and friends, mentors and muses from whom she received the most precious of gifts--the inspiration to pick up a banjo and make her own joyful noise.

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"Patty Hall is one of those rare individuals who performs with the audience rather than for the audience. During her NATIVE DAUGHTER OF THE GOLDEN WEST® showcase, Patty is skillful at drawing her listeners into her music; whether it's one of her children's songs, a rousing version of "Just Be Glad," or "Organic," her spoof on health foods, (during which she's likely to toss out a few real Ding Dongs to the audience to punctuate the message.)

"Her instrumental abilities are many; she can play the guitar, the banjo, or the piano with ease. All this talent is contained in one of thesweetest, most upbeat individuals you are likely to encounter. If she is playing her Native Daughter music at a gathering of musicians, by the end of her set she will usually have nearly every performer up on stage, playing with her."

Patty Hall is truly a treasure in the entertainment field."

Tim Woods
Entertainment Host
Just Java Café
Chula Vista, CA

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