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Do you dream of seeing your name on the cover of a book? Are you bursting with inspiration for a kids' storybook or the next Great American Novel? Have you ever wondered how bright ideas somehow morph into published works?

Join Patty Hall as she takes a look at book-making and offers a glimpse inside the writer's life. Drawing from her experiences as author of numerous books for children and adults, Patty outlines the steps in researching, writing, and getting a book published. She also discusses the stages in a book's life cycle and offers a firsthand look at the materials and tools of book-making, including author outlines and drafts, contracts, final manuscripts, publisher galleys and proofs, and illustrator sketches and artwork.

Program participants will learn about where good book ideas come from, the importance of good storytelling, and what training writers should have. Additionally, they will receive general advice on seeking out a publisher; working with editors, book designers, and illustrators; and innovative ways to promote a book, once it's in print. There will be plenty of time for questions, and participants will get to take a close-up look at materials that Patty brings with her.

Patty also touches on the lighter side of the writing life, sharing personal anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of getting published; juggling family life with a writing career; and coping with we-need-it-yesterday deadlines, publisher rejection letters, and every writer's nemesis - writer's block.

"A Book Is Born" is intended for aspiring writers and those who are simply curious about how books are made. The program can be tailored to different age groups and interest levels, ranging from young students to adults.


An integral part of Patty's programs is the informal "Meet-and-Greet" that follows each of her presentations—a special time when participants can visit with each other and with Patty. Program hosts can also plan a book-signing as part of the Meet-and-Greet, during which guests may purchase personally inscribed copies of Patty's books.

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