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Educational and entertaining. Engaging and enlightening. Energetic and exuberant. These are just a few of the "E" words describing Patty Hall's programs.

Drawing upon her background as a folklorist, writer, and musician, Patty has created a roster of unique presentations on a variety of subjects--all areas in which she is well-versed and well-known. Each combines structured presentation with informal interchange and is infused with Patty's special enthusiasm for her subject. On topics ranging from music to books to education, Patty's programs foster learning, spark creativity, and inspire participation.

Whether it's a room full of exuberant kids, a gathering of beginning writers, or friends assembled for an evening of music; whether Patty is reading or speaking or singing--or doing all three--she brings out the best in her audiences. Whichever you choose, when you experience one of Patty's programs, you're in for a treat.

Native Daughter of the Golden West®: A Musical Celebration

Jumpin' Up Songstm: Down-Home Music for Modern Kids

A Book is Borntm: A Program for Aspiring Writers

Raggedys Hurrah! Stories and Music for Kids of All Ages

Learn with Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Program for Educators

Through the Eyes of a Child: The Whimsical World of Johnny Gruelle

Patty Hall presents her programs at schools, libraries, museums, as well as festivals, coffee houses, and other public venues. Most can be tailored to age and interest levels.

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Patty's Programs
Native Daughter | Jumpin' Up Songstm | A Book is Borntm
Raggedys Hurrah! | Learn With Raggedy Ann and Andy
Through the Eyes of a Child

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